Hippocrates Soup!

So along with all the juices we made today, Courageous Carrot (Mamma) made some good hippocrates soup! While we were juicing we were watching a video on how to make it, I have included the link so GO check it out! It is a recipe from the Gerson Diet that a guy made a video explaining 🙂 So Mama was drinking her soup which she claims is fantastic and we (the kids/teens) had some Amy’s Gluten Free Burritos. We were so pooped on out juicing that we just needed something easy and everyone LOVES Amy’s Burritos. It was a pretty successful day for us.. We started a blog, made 5 juices, homeschooled, made Hippocrates soup, successfully fed six angels, and now we are going to bed feeling rather accomplished. I hope you all have had a great day too! 🙂

Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epaFFraffEo

Night Lovelies,

Painting Petunia

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