Hello Ya’ll

Today we went a little beet juice crazy! 🙂 We used our beautiful Norwalk and were grinding our carrots/beets/celery juice. We have carrots everywhere. We haven’t made any progress with the flying carrots but… It gives us all a laugh and something to do afterwords. I am still finding carrots! If you are wondering what we did to make it we used:

4 medium peeled carrots 

4 celery stalks 

1 beet (The ones we get are already peeled and refrigerated. It is really important that you have them peeled, believe me we have gone down that road already.)

Then put it all in whatever juicer you have.  It makes 8 oz of juice. 

Enjoy! Baby Buttersnap loves this one so much. He started jumping up and down when Mommy said what juice she was making and saying how much he loves mommy. 🙂

Love, Painting Petunia

Tell us what you think! (For our lovely friends and family, thank you for only using our nicknames when posting comments. Thanks!)

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