Soft-serve Banana Ice Cream from a Norwalk Juicer!!!

SOOOO this juicer just keeps getting more and more amazing!!! Tonight we made banana ice cream served with left over apple crisp from last night. It was so good! All we did was freeze bananas (cut in half) and then we put them through just the grinder part of the juicer and VOILA! ICE CREAM!!! Let me just tell you one thing… Life is good. Oh and I take back my comment saying juicing is the new ice cream. Nope. Ice cream is the new ice cream. It was the highlight of the night to say the least! If you wanted to try to make your own but you don’t have a juicer (It is quite scary anyway ;)..) it works in a blender as well and just blend whatever frozen fruit you want and depending on what kind of blender you have you might need a little milk (of your choice) to soften it. I hope you can make your own healthy ice cream too!!


Painting Petunia

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