What mommy did today…

So I am going to give you all the links and directions and then I will explain what we did today!

So the amazing coconut fruit smoothie comes from a cancer survivor named Chris Wark. We love his recipes and tonight mommy also made his “Giant Cancer-Fighting Salad” which she really loved, she was so full tonight from all the other stuff she has been downing. Here is the link to the Cancer-Fighting Salad: http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/giant-cancer-fighting-salad-video/ and here is the smoothie link: http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/cancer-fighting-coconut-fruit-smoothie-video/ We actually made our own coconut milk! I can attest to how amazing this smoothie is! I downed it while blogging this evening. 🙂

She had some more Hippocrates soup which you can find the link and the rest of the making of that on one of our previous posts… She is still drinking it down or trying too. 🙂 She is SO full. Of healthy.

We made some of our own turmeric paste to make our own turmeric tea! We really enjoyed the blog post from Fresh Bites Daily and it really helped us out in making it today. Here is the link: http://www.freshbitesdaily.com/turmeric-tea-paste/ We wanted to make our own to make sure we didn’t get any nightshade vegetables which we talked about earlier. We are saying absolutely no nightshades for mommy anymore!

We did our beet juice as well… Which was a hit with little baby buttersnap! I mean look at that smile!!


Mommy said that she was feeling really good today and that doesn’t happen very often at all. So, we were really happy! We have figured out that juicing vegetable and fruit together was to many clashing enzymes and gave mom a reaction so we are going to keep those separate. Chris Wark has spoken about this as well. It is good to know. Trial and error is the best judge. We are going to just keep doing what we are doing and hoping for the best!

A few things that are some of our staples when cooking or baking:

Raw Organic Honey as pictured is fantastic! We use it whenever we bake because of our no refined sugar diet and it works like a charm. It is really yummy honey actually… Why would you ever need the other stuff? We ask ourselves this question with everything.

Coconut Oil is essential in all our cooking or basically everything. Its uses range from using it as a replacement for Olive oil, like when cooking vegetables to putting it in a smoothie (it is delicious!). We also use it for hair! Baby Buttersnaps main hair do must have coconut oil in order to tame it! Lol 🙂

Well… It is getting really late here so I am going to knock off here soon! I hope you all had a good day and are enjoying the many joys of life. 🙂

Night Lovelies,

Painting Petunia

Tell us what you think! (For our lovely friends and family, thank you for only using our nicknames when posting comments. Thanks!)

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