Good Morning… or rather afternoon


Good day to you! SO if you are wondering if we did yoga today the answer is no. We were all too tired for yoga. Today is our christmas eve so we are having a lazy day which is very much appreciated. Boating Bob (daddy) is going to be up here early today and we are going shopping for ice skates. Everyone is super excited! Mommy has taking a liking to oatmeal and is eating a ton of that and it is making her feel good so we are thankful. Oops last night mama forgot to clean the Norwalk from the banana ice cream so we had a little mess this morning. 🙂 We are learning everyday. I have been working on the blog all morning, I am really enjoying it and the rest of the kids have been singing the Lion King all morning! It is never ending! Lol they are really quite good. Before you know it we will all be on Broadway! 🙂 I hope you all have a good friday. Thank goodness its friday! Get out and enjoy the weekend… I hope you all get blessed with nice weather! We are going to go ice skating on our lake this weekend. Looking forward to it! I have included a selfie of me and Honey Ham, I finally got her to smile! We took like 25 selfies but theses were the best two. GO take a selfie with someone you care about!

Talk soon,

Painting petunia

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