More soup and smoothies!

Hello Friends!

So today has been yet another lazy day but we did make some yummy stuff!

Once again we made Chris Wark’s coconut fruit smoothie. Delicious as always!

IMG_6155 IMG_6153

Mama also made some more hippocrates soup. She has THREE mason jars full! Read more about how to make it here. We made a few changes to it to accommodate her needs. So this time we didn’t put in any onions or leeks, we used 2 large sweet potatoes. She also added parsley and oregano. It smelled really good! 🙂


And tonight for dinner she has made some Nightshade-free seedless curry, the house smells SO good!

IMG_6188 IMG_6179

She also made some changes to this recipe as well. She of course didn’t put any chicken in there and she used some of her own homemade coconut milk along with one large sweet potato. Boating Bob (daddy) just tried some and exclaimed, “It tastes like curry!” Haha well, that was the plan. 🙂 She also had some of the Giant Cancer Fighting salad from Chris Wark. She is so full. She only ate half the salad before she gave it to Boating Bob!


He liked it a lot to say the least!

Well… I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend and enjoying life. Stay tuned for the next post, it might have banana ice cream involved. 🙂


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